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A box of Rubbish™.
A woman made entirely of rubbish

“This article is rubbish

~ Captain Obvious on this article

Rubbish™ is a breakfast cereal manufactured by Post, it is fortified with iron, non-essential vitamins (Q,T,W, and §), DDT, nicotine, and badgers. Eat a bowl of Rubbish™ every day to get your daily requirement of hemp fibre. Rubbish™ is made predominantly from rice, and other waste products from Asian households. It comes in boxes, bins and bags. It is also famous for its alliteration.

Rubbish™ Facts[edit]

get it, rubbish? Ah-hahaha...

  • It is crunchy and sweet.
  • It never goes soggy in milk.
  • In fact, it changes the milk green.
  • There is a toy in the bottom of each box (Note: the toy constitutes the iron content of Rubbish™).
  • It can cure cancer.
  • It recorded a CD in 1990 that went quintuple platinum.
  • Don Henley wrote "The Boys of Summer" about Rubbish™.
  • It makes a good cement when wet.
  • It was on the list of prohibited substances at the 2006 Winter Olympics
  • It was the forth original Blue Man until it was fired for failing to catch a marshmallow that was thrown at it.
  • It can be used as a substitute for solid state rocket fuel.
  • It is the only useful thing that has no use whatsoever.
  • Its Just That GOOD!!


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