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Славная Вечная Империя Матери России
The Glorious Eternal Empire Of Mother Russia
Propaganda state of Russia
GreatRussiaflag!.png Putin.png
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: "Alcoholics of all nations, have a shooter!"
Anthem: "Back in the Eternal Glorious Soviet Motherland"
Capital Syktyvkar-grad
Largest city Hackergrad
Official language(s) Russian Reversal, Turbo Pascal, Swearing, several orcish dialects, и этот секретный код
Government Communism-Capitalism
Russian Czar Vladimir VII the Put-In
‑ Prime Minister Ivan the Super-Kind Guy
‑ King Peter the Not-so-Great
Average temperature −82 °C
Maximum temperature +51 °C
Ethnic groups White Russians, Black Russians, Jews, Bears, and some Jedis
National Hero(es) John Lenin, Elvis Costello
Established Was there before anyone could remember
Currency units of Communism, Ladas (equal to 0,05 dollarcent)
Religion Stalin's Witnesses
Major exports Vodka, T-55's, alexandrite, backwards letters, misplaced nukes and spare AK-47 parts
Major imports Snow and Ice
Intelligence Ranked the very 1st
Total - 2
Percent - 200.67%
Time zones As many as Abu Hamza has toes plus hands
National antagonists Chechen pigs, Capitali$t scum
Command and Conquer: Red Alert, Tetris, World in Conflict, Yoshi, Literball, Hacking

“Russia is a country where a black person would never be elected president. They wouldn't live through the winter.”

Russia (not to be confused with America) (Russian: Россия-мать-вашу), is the world's largest vodka communist.