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Bomb.png In Soviet Russia, bomb someone set up us the YOU!!
In Soviet Russia, for great justice every 'zig' take off YOU!!

Violets are red
Roses are blue
In Soviet Russia
Joke makes You!

The Canadian Federation of Students invented the Russian Reversal... it also invented Russia. To say otherwise is pure, unadulterated slanderodefamation.

“In Soviet Russia Russian reversal doesn't laugh at YOU!!! ”

~ Russian Reversal on Russian reversals

“Only in Soviet Russia forwards can I speak, because a double negative it causes. ”

~ Yoda, speaker of backwards on Reversal of the Russian

“In Soviet Russia, FSM worships YOU!!”

~ Russian Reversal on Russian reversal

“In Soviet Russia, I quote Uncyclopedia users.”

~ Soviet Russia on Alicia Keys

“In Soviet Russia, Tamia sucks YOU!!”

~ Russian Reversal on Russian reversal

“In Soviet Russia, Oscar Wilde takes over Uncyclopedia from Alicia Keys”

~ RR on AK&OW
with is associated Reversal Russian