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spoon? spon? the world will never know.

The Society for Protection Of Noobs is a radical group of new world order Pro-Noob people who are trying to take over the world by talking a lot of hot air and trying to get noobs to fight against "The evil mid-high level people who constantly own noobs".So far their plans have been to say the least,ineffective.

Their agenda[edit]

The SPON has only one goal in mind:to get noobs (with the help of the Red-link monster) to take over the world and to try and recruit high level people from all the l33t games in existence and to spread a virus to the computers of all the people who refuse to join. However the only way they could even try to recruit an awesome player is by defeating him/her in a fight or by being a communist. Because the leaders of SPON are neither high level or communist they cannot recruit any high leveled players. So therefore they contradict their own agenda. Did you head asplode yet?

Because of all the people doing this SPON was formed.


Most likely you're asking yourself right now "Why the fricking heck does anyone want noobs to take over the world?" The answer is because the leaders of SPON are all froobs - they want to destroy all non-noobs/Admins/everyone else. The other purpose is to use the noobs they recruited to steal large amount of cookies from the high level players.

It says Protection![edit]

The reason the name of their group is called "Society for Protection Of Noobs" is because the name "Society for World Domination of Noobs" was already taken.Ya got to make do with what ya got!

LOL That will never happen[edit]

But they are already trying to take over the world!Look there's an army of noobs coming to take all your cookies away from you! BEWARE THE SPON!

Any captured SPON members should be fed to this cat.

Help from the Red-Link Monster[edit]

Because of the SPONs recent spectacular successes (failures)they have attracted the attention of The-Red Link Monster,all his evil minions, and assorted other people(noobs) who hate the good users and admins.

Message from the SPO-*cough*Admins![edit]

Because of the recent help from the Red-Link Monster the SPON are close to reaching their goal! Therefore we need your help urgently to destroy the admi-*cough cough* Evil SPON guys! Please go to your local Anti-SPON agency (SPON recruiting center) to be given a area in which to kill noobs (recruit more SPON members) Have a nice day!

Famous members of SPON[edit]

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