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Saiyūki, also known as "Obsessive Yaoi/Slash Epic of Boys Who Constently Act as Though They Want to Make Out With Each Other", or "Gensōmaden Saiyūki" (幻想魔伝 最遊記) in Japan, a popular manga series created by Kazuya Minekura (The queen of every thing that is right in the world) loosely based on the famous Chinese novel Journey to the West (Xīyóu Jì) or something.

Though adapted into an anime by Studio Pierrot, the storyline is not yet complete and continued in "Saiyuki Realod" also kown as "Supper Hot Boy on Boy Action Journey to Adult Fan Fiction" and "Saiyuki Reload Gunlock", which is simply known as "Sexy". Besides this, there was this little 2 part oav no body cares about and now a 3 part ova is comming out in a couple of mounths called "Saiyuki -Burial-", also known as, "Angst+fillig in sexy plot holes" and it is expected to be as overly innuendo and subtexted filled as the other Series. The first fifty episodes of the English-adapted anime as distributed by ADV Films and so will the new ova, the others were by some other company (look it up your self).

The Traveling Band of Gay Dudes "Best Anime Characters Ever"[edit]

The Sanzō-Ikkōku ("Sanzo party")


Genjo Sanzo
(玄奘 三蔵 法師)

Birthdate: November 29.

Height: 177 cm, 5'10"

Weight: 64 kg, 141 lbs

Age: 23-24

Blood Type: A

Over all Body: Hot

Personality: Shitty

Weapons: Maten Sutra, a Smith & Willson hand gun, and a paper fan that he uses to assault his team members.

Mental Condition: Pertty f*** up.
Get this, not only is his single mentor/parental fighure killed in front of him at the age of 13 leaving him afraid to care about any one because, "he can't protect", but after this happend he gets chased down a mount by thieves and perverts who wanted to get up his rob! Poor thing, no wonder why he's such a little bastard at times. Secretly gay for Goku.


Son Goku
(孫 悟空)

Birthdate: April 5

Height: 162 cm, 5'4"

Weight: 112 lbs

Age: 18-19

Blood Type: O

Over all Body: Cute

Personality: Energetic

Weapons: His long stick that he uses to kill demons (Innuendo, anyone), and his amazing strength.Is secretly gay for Sanzo.


Sha Gojyō
(沙 悟凈)
Birthdate: November 9
Height: 6'
Weight: 165 lbs
Age: 22
Blood Type: B Overall Body: Sexy Personality: Perverted, and hits on anything that has a skirt or pretty green eyes. Constantly mentions how horny he is, and is obviously gay for Hakkai.


Cho Hakkai
(豬 八戒)
Birthdate: September 21
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 153 lbs
Age: 22
Blood Type: AB Personality: The only normal person in their team. But he is into incest. Fucked his own sister. Right now has hots for Goujo.