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Sakai (堺) is the ancient name for Osaka (大阪), Japan.

It is where the corporation Sony began, and remained a base of operations for Sony until it was replaced by Kobe (木戸). Later on, Sakai was struck by a devastating tsunami and sank into the ocean, merging with the underwater city, Atlantis.

Disambiguation Section[edit]

5ak3 is a wine made of rice in Japan. It is popular with the Pope who drinks it in a corrugated iron pyramid at Glastonbury Festival.

Note: Some people prefer to use the romaji spelling "sake" (pronounced "sah-kee" by the educationally challenged, or "sah-kazzuhm" as Bernard Shaw instructed) for this rice-wine, particularly those actually expecting to find it in an online search or (when ordering at a restaurant) hoping to avoid mockery by their normally stone-faced east-asian hosts.