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Saku is a big hole near Abja-Paluoja. Most of the people, who live in Saku, speak Flinstonian. Their most popular food in Saku (like marmelade in China) is a fried water. The people are mostly from Atlantic Ocean and all the survivors of the Titanic catastrophy live there. Nobody in Saku can swim. That's why Saku's population has grown fifty six thousand billion x-gryllion times higher with 1 month. Saku's mayor is mr. Ardo Kärnaste. The political power belongs to gangs. The most known gang in Saku is Karla's gäng. Best known members are Karlike, Karl, Charlie and Caka. There is a brewery in Saku, which is in the bottom of Saku hole. It is the most non-un-popular brewery station in Mustamäe state. The people of Saku do not have problems with drinking because they don't like bottles. So they sell all the beer to Ventspils. There are many kindergarten-universities in Saku. The most popular school in Saku is Saku Õlletehase Ühiskümnaasjumi Instituut. The most famous Sakunian is Rudolf Albatross. He's the one who invented the rock. He is also the most loved Sakunian in Saku because he won the "Moodne Kodu 1870" contest with the help of his cat. Saku Mõis is the son of the famous Estonian politican Jüri Mõis and he lives near Saku Ocean, which is the best known ujumiskoht there.