Salad Days

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For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Salad Days.

“'I say, anyone for tennis.' Everytime I hear it I feel like robbing every video store in America and it's allies and take all the copies.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Salad Days

“Every time I hear it it's like my arm is starting to fall off a little by little and my eyes are starting to bleed.”

~ Noel Coward on the above

This piece of cinematic magic is the standard by which all movies are to be judged. Although it was made in 1971, it can own, pwn, poi, and just win in every level. Director, Sam Peckinpah, shall be in your history books (via graffiti, but hey, it's the thought that counts).


Salad Days shows a group of friends on a quest. The challenge is who can bleed the most in 2 minutes. The sheer spontaniety and frivolity of the lead characters is a memorable aspect of this, the god of all things cinema. It has surpassed mere movie status, it is irreplaceable art in which we owe our lives to or else...


As there have been numerous awards for this presentation, the actors deserve much recognition. The following is the cast, who they played, and awards won.
Michael Palin - Lionel - Best Target in a Motion Picture
Justin Timberlake - The Ugly Organist - None because he sucks
Graham Chapman - Maximilien - Best Chain Reaction in a Motion Picture
Marie Antoinette - Claudio Sanchez - Best Actor in a MoGUILLOTINED
Sophocles - random dummy - Best Actor to be Decapitated
The King (of Burger King The Musical! fame) - Spiny Norman - Best 'Dinsdale' I've heard in quite some time indeed

Other Awards[edit]

Bestest Movie
Best Attempt at Special Effects cause come on it was the Freaking 70's
Best Substitute for Vanilla Extract in a French Toast Batter

Remember this was made when we had Real Awards, the ones that count. None of this sissy best adapted screenplay crap. Take that academy!