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Sam & Max is an north-american videogame produced by taiwanese softhouse TellTale Games. The characters in Sam & Max, are Sam & Max in both season 1 and 2. Sam & Max is compatible with a lot of videogame consoles, and due to the easiness of making the disk in Taiwan and distribute bootleg into peer-to-peer (P2P), Sam & Max series are used with a varied purposes.

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Season 1 First Chapter[edit]

The appearing of Sam & Max has come through the use of intense subliminal messages in the first episode. In this episode Max is unhypnotizable while Sam built an anti-hypnotic device made out of a mirror and a pan. The Wee brothers appearance in the first chapter, small-like dwarves dressed in McDonald like costumes, invade the streets of Boskovichi grocery store and Cybil Pandemik's tatoo store. Comrade Afro-dude is the antagonist and have it's own series of tv program to hypnotize the mass population. In the end, everything goes well thanks to Sam & Max efforts into saving the world, giving merit to the freelancing police career.


Sam & Max together
  • Sybil Pendemik:

Sybil is one of the only inhabitants of Sam & Max office alley. She is often seen trading career and satisfied only temporarily with her career path. She married a big dildo-like Truman head, and goes picnicking with it often while on vacations.

  • Bosco:

Bosco is always acting nervous and is always seen hiding from paranormal monsters, the THEY organization, communists ("trusteth me, trusteth me" as he says when he thinks he's being watched), geometric shaped objects and others. He has a secret love for Sybil and stores some pictures of her together with his secret collection of feminine underwear (that he refuses being his).

  • Abe Lincoln:

The dildo-like head rivals. Unsatisfied with his platonic love married Truman instead of him, it's always having trouble with his voice sounding grippy and faringical problems, often scolding, blamming, farting and spitting. Shall not be forget, that this version of Abe has desimbodied from his original stone body, and still has them "metaphorical" questions.

  • Sam:

Sam is probably the only dog in the entire world to have poetic speaking and to wear a tailored suit made for a bipedal dog. Sam is often seen with Max actuating in the freelancing police carrer, solving problems that are at the level of beating old, speaking-videogames into classic videogames (see: Pong), sticking stickers to an old De'Soto and aiding Santa Claus in a killing spree.

  • Max:

Max is the naked bunny from Playboy magazine. He has a sly-like grin, and is always seen with Sam. Max likes to beat the shit out of Coronel Cockrice, one of it's colleagues in the freelancing police area, use Bosco's toilet, play darts in the office and ask "Where to Sam?" And then masturbates to Cybil behind her back.

Sam before he used to wear a tailored dog suit

Other characters[edit]

Each of the episodes include different characters, Colonel Cockrice and friends, Whine's restaurant, red-triangular shaped portals, Moai heads, De'Sotos, Father Grigori and Poopeye the Sailorman. Their roles includes that of villains, and generally are seen stabbing people in the back and acting clumsy.


Sam and Max generally get released often in a month. That express the sameness of each episode, with the next episode being always alike to it's predecessor. Generally each episode develops in a 2 quarter street. Locations include Bosco's Inconvenience store, Cybil's office, a wall filled with posters, an empty store ... Also, the streets in Sam & Max, when they go for a ride in their De Soto, are an infinite loop, never ends end always posses the same buildings.

Sam and Max also have been seen in North Pole (in a trip that took less than 20 seconds, or the time your computer takes to load North Pole) in a trip with their car. Probably Max driven the car, as his knowledges in physics are null, regarding his line one of the episodes he claims to know dick about that.


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