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Wow.. sure to make family and friends PROUD!!!

Sandwichtology is the science and study of sandwich making as exemplified by the creation of legendary sandwiches such as the Scooby snack. Not to be confused with sandwich makers that come from the 18-22 age group, where any old scraps can be make into an often half-edible breaded snack. Sandwichtologists do not cut corners when it comes to thier art, constantly looking for the most elaborate and sometimes daring ways to avoid actually spending too much time cooking.

Tools of the Trade[edit]

Your typical sandwichtologist may find nothing more than a sharp bread knife and a suitably selected 'whippy' knife is used for making sandwiches about town.

An absolutely essential part of Sandwichology

Failing that, one particular knife strapped student, a certain Mr Andrew Taylor, once resorted to buttering with a spoon.

Motorway Service Stop Sandwiches[edit]

Warning! These particular sandwiches are not endorsed by, and are not approved by, the Intergalactic Council for the Safety of Breaded Snacks. They should be avoided at all costs, and may cause wanted side effects, such as being attractive to one eyed alien babes to become commonplace. These are recognizable by their plastic cling wrap and 2-week-old expiration dates. You have been warned!

Famous Sandwichtologists[edit]

In the past sixteen eons there have been many sandwichtologist (am i even spelling that right?) but there a select few who stand out among the rest. this guy was a sandwichtologist, although many people fail to recognize him as one. perhaps one of the most famous sandwichtologists was Yanelyd the Dane. as his name implies he was a dane and a vicous one at that. he spent much of his time riding his horse bear [[1]] and feasting on the lucious yams of his homeland. he often include these yams into his sandwiches. ok thats about it for the famous sandwichtologists. meow meow!