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One of several cities inexplicably named after Santa Claus.

-situated in the Northern part of the megalopolis Suceava;

-also known as "Sfantu` Ilie" or "Obcini-sus";

-famous for it's dialect which contains only these words: teaaaci, boule, putoare, vodka and chi┼čleac;

It was once just wasteland and swamps, but the Allmighty Sku, with the help of the 3 iepurashi, turned it into what it is today: A huge and thriving kiwi plantation, that raised the Suceveneschianian economy sky-high. The slaves working on the plantation are now building a vast temple for the 3 iepurashi and their great priest, the Mighty Sku. There is also a V.I.P. School on the plantation, which is being looked after by the present rules of Santa-Fe, Nellee(which in the Bukoveneschianian dialect means "cutest in the band").