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Regis Philbin regularly calls poor people and torment them by bragging about how much money he has.

Scams were invented by Nigerians at roughly the same time as the internet was introduced to Africa. A typical Nigerian scam involves sending countless e-mails to unsuspecting white people, convincing them to hand over their bank account details to help the Nigerians to transfer a large sum of money, promising the white man a cut. The money usually does exist, but belongs to someone else - it may be spread around the entire world's economy in some cases. The Nigerian will eventually make the victim take them to the bank, where they will rob it for all it is worth and then drive away in the white man's car.


'Scam' is believed to have originated from the Nigerian words for 'white man' and 'sucker' - 'sikaka' and 'ambowakakawam', which were contracted into 'sikakawam' and finally 'scam'.

Alternatively, the word 'scam' may have arisen from the words 'scare' and 'hand out freebies', as in 'scaring people by pretending to hand out freebies', which was then condensed to 'scand' and, finally, 'scam'. Not to be confused with Spam, which is Yugoslavian for 'Unidentified ear meat'.

Scams from other countries[edit]

It must be noted that residents of countries other than Nigeria are accountable for roughly a percentage of all the world's scam attempts. Notably Brazil, the United Space of America and Antarctica often find their citizens need to resort to this method of income due to poverty and internet access.

Examples of Scams[edit]

And many more.

Scam Prevention Attempts[edit]

Benedict's solution[edit]

The pope made this just in case he was impersonated by one of these 'scammers'.

Spam filters[edit]

This is the number one tool when preparing spam.

Worst Case Scenario[edit]

In a worst case scenario, the world will be ruled by scammers. They will take all our money and women. Then they will cause an age of great prosperity and call them our rulers. Once they finally decide to evict us, we will either have to plead for Chuck Norris to stop them, or move to the moon. This will finally give scammers total world control. Then they will start to scam each other, until the illogical scams destroy the sun and we all die. The End.

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The scam was invented by Nigerians at roughly the same time as the internet was introduced to Africa