Schrodinger's Shat

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Erwin Schrodinger's awarding of a Nobel Prize for science in 1933 was shrouded in controversy. Schrodinger was an extremely bad-tempered man, and as part of his presentation to the committee, gave them a vacuum-flask, before bellowing:

"I done a shit in this here flask.
Or maybe I ain't.
Give me a fucking medal."

The committee were hugely intimidated by his bristling moustache, and aggressive demeanour, and meekly passed him a medal. Schrodinger proudly wore it around his waist, as if he was a wrestler, and insisted on being buried with it, thirteen years later.

His hypothesis that the committee would be unable to determine whether or not he had placed his own excreta inside the flask, without opening it, remains unchallenged to this day. The flask currently resides in The British Museum in London.

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