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The Screamin' Trots were a punk band from the windswept steppes of Birmingham circa 1978(ish) Known for their anthem "Nuke all the African Nazis" and "When I Grow Up (I wanna be dead)". Named for famed Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky, and referring to his assassination by hired Mexican hitmen. Initially the band was to be named "The Hired Mexican Hitmen"

The band included:

  • Ian "stinky" McMillan: Lead guitar and Vocal,
  • Zitface Miller: Drums,
  • Micheal "Shit-stain" Patterson: Bass,


Along with such bands as The Clash, and the Sex Pistols, they were famed for music described as Anger without Talent

They enjoyed some regional success and indeed, some radio play until they were sued for Copyright infringement for the song "Hey Jude (you fucking pusbag wanker)" In regards to the case, "stinky" replied:

Cquote1.png Yeah you know those (unintelligible British Gibberish) stupid (more gibberish) told us to stop playing our (gib-gib-giberooney) tune, and man we told them to (expletive deleted) right off! Cquote2.png

Unfortunatley for the Trots, the Unintelligible gibberish in question had much better attorneys and much more money. Later that year Zitface died in a tragic Benzoyl Peroxide overdose and the group disbanded. Shit-stain became a vocal leader of the United Anarchist Party ( a Non-conformist organisation)