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Screamo is some sort of shit music which apparently derives from Emo, only that Screamoes or whatever they call them, unlike Emos scream from agony when they slash their veins, which leads to the fact that they are even bigger pussies than Emos, which is a worthy accomplishment.

Other than that there are no differences, as the idiotic title would suggest.

Most notable, and probably first Screamo in history is Peter Petrelli from "Heroes" who used to be Emo, but turned Screamo at the moment his hands started to glow from nuclear energy, after which subsequently he exploded. Unfortunately, that didn't prevent him from spreading the Screamo radiation to entire New York and then the whole world. It is also unfortunate that this process doesn't occur in all Screamoes, instead they die by slashing their arms too much, which is a good enough substitute.

Lately, there has been a new genre which arose from Screamo. It is called Creamo and it is part of the life of former Emos, after they have grown tired from being "too cool to hit on girls".