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“Hush - it's a secret.... Fuck you.”

~ OW on secret pages

So you want to find the secret page? Scroll down? What? You can't scroll? Too bad.


Can you REALLY keep a secret?


So can I...

But I can't!

“Where is this secret page you speak of?”

~ Captain Oblivious on secret page

“God may have made me blind, but that didn't stop me from finding this article. Secret my ass!”

~ Stevie Wonder on secret page

Though I should...

Well, maybe I shouldn't.

There are several kinda secret, you know.

This one is a page kind.

And I guess you wanna know?

What da secret page is?

Well, it's a secret!

“Holy hell, is this some kind of a fucking joke?! I'm way harder to find than this page, I didn't even have to try to find it! Even Captain Oblivious would find this page if you poked his eyes out and glued his fingers together!”

~ Waldo on this page

Its a secret!

I can't tell you!

Though maybe I should.

After all, it is a page after all. But here is a potato for all of your hard detective work~

“This wasn't very secret at all - anyone can figure out that there would be a page called "Secret page" that can found by typing it into the search box, including me. They should have written it in ROT13 instead. That would make it a bit harder to find.”

~ Captain Obvious on secret page

Just a secret one.psssssss the Secret is you

the shit!

Don't See, It's A Secret![edit]