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150pxThanks to a combination of your senses and your brain, you instinctively know how wrong this is.
Rodgers and Hammerstein went through many of the senses before settling on "The Sound of Music".

Senses is the catch-all name for all the ways animals can interact with their environment, except from fucking it senseless. It is widely regarded that the senses are the most compelling arguments for Intelligent and Unintelligent design.

Why The Senses Fucking Rock[edit]

Without senses, you'd be adrift in a sea of dark, silent nothingness, with no way of telling where you were or what Coca-Cola tasted like or what time the cricket started. A good way of simulating senselessness is by submersing yourself in a bath of molasses and trying to jerk yourself off without drowning.

The Senses
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