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“I pity the fool ”

~ Mr. T on Seth Rogen

“He stole my pot! ”

~ Oscar Wilde on Seth Rogen

“I think Seth's really funny because his name is Seth and he smokes lots of weed.

~ "Knocked Up" co-star Paul Rudd on Seth Rogen

“I found Seth masturbating in my shower two years ago and I told him he could be in one of my movies if he got the fuck out. The rest is history.”

~ Judd Apatow on Seth Rogen

“I don't think he's that funny.”

~ Adam Sandler on Seth Rogen minutes before being fired from the film "Funny People" and being replaced by Seth Rogen

“I think he's funny because sometimes he comes to our house and gets drunk and throws things around and pees his pants.”

~ Iris Apatow on when Seth Rogen comes over to daddy's house and gets drunk

Seth Rogen is a Canadian film star/comedian and famous wild jew. He is known for writing innovative and complex dialogue in major comedy film blockbuster hits, and his ability to act in a wide variety of roles. He has recently taken to writing sonnets, and has garnered critical acclaim for his dedication to brokering peace in the Middle East through his own yodelling.

He is widely known for having Inexplicably Funny Syndrome, a terrible syndrome where anything he says makes audiences laugh, even if it isn't funny at all. He's starred in films such as Knocked Up, in which he has sex with Katherine Heigl and she has a baby. Usually this wouldn't be very funny, but Seth Rogen smokes a bunch of pot and shows up on set, and all of a sudden, everybody laughs. He starred in Pineapple Express in which he takes his #1 hobby of smoking pot and films it, literally making a movie out of his everyday life, calling it fiction and making people laugh at it.

He also wrote the script for Superbad with his good friend Evan Goldberg, who at the time was probably high with Rogen. The movie stars Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen’s younger and less accomplished brother. Superbad is the story of two teenagers who go to a party and get drunk.[1]

Seth Rogen's "Wild Jew" Episodes[edit]

“That's cool he does all that. But what happens when Canadian Golden Boy's off his weed, and loses it?”

~ God on being glad someone in the world at Seth's age can write great comedy, better than every Wild Jew over 50

During the filming of Horton Hears a Who, Rogen had a blowout and told everybody on set to "go fuck themselves" and "stick their big hard cocks into Horton's fucking elephant vagina." He later issued a public apology and his role in the film was cut in half for an MPAA G Rating due to swearing and drug references.[2]

Where Seth is From[edit]

Rogen is originally from the northern American state of Canada, but moved to the country of Los Angeles [3]

Work in Film and Theatre[edit]

Twelfth Night

Death of a Salesman

Saving Private Ryan

Romeo and Juliet


  1. In other words, this is the story of every teenager in America (except for the state of Virginia where they spend every night of the week at church)
  2. That most children know already by the age of 4, because the 1950s are over and done with
  3. Because Canada is so damn cold

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