Sgt. Frog

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Sgt. Frog (Keroro Gunso in Japan) along with his army, Private Second Class Tamama, Corporal Giroro, Sergeant Major Kururu, and Lance Corporal Dororo are invaders from the planet Keron. His brother Master Painter Rufufu has helped him with the last project and revealed that 9-Volt and Orbulon were Keronians. He has tried about 9000 times to take over Pekopon (Earth as we call it). Their team also consits of a shota (Fuyuki), two lesbians (Koyuki and Natsumi), a pervert (Momoko) aswell as the "King of Terror" (Angol Mois).

Sgt. Frog's Projects[edit]

  • Making Sumomo-chan an idol on Pekopon
  • Turning animals into warriors
  • Destroying Pekopon with a giant satellite
  • Turning Pekopon into a racing circut
  • Faking having left Pekopon. His teammates have played along with him
  • Faking having lost his memories. His teammates have played along with him
  • Challenging Johnny Test, Dukey Test (Team 2), Megaman, Roll (Team 3), The Mario Bros.(Team 4), Sonic and Tails (Team 5), Pichu, and Quilava (Team 6) to a race to become Champion of the Universe. Team 2 won the race
  • Turning all of Pekopon into Keronians. This is the only successful attempt, and they moved on to Irk, ZIM's home plaet

Is Known For:[edit]

  • Having an afro
  • Saying "De arimasu!" after everything he says
  • Taking over Pekopon and moving on to Irk
  • Having a submarine called the Landrover (...)
  • Being Tamama's "special friend"
  • Being Giroro's bitch
  • Speaking japanese, even though he's from another galaxy
  • Being related to Frog from Chrono Trigger
  • Being a frog (apparently)
  • Turning Kururu yellow after pissing on him
  • Being an overall douchebag
  • Fucking a towel