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A Shakedown is a historically ubiquitous event occurring in concordance with Lyndon B. Johnson's theories on the orbital patterns of air bound dust particles. According to his theories, a Shakedown occurs in an ever-shifting cycle, which ranges from eight to seventy-two years. The exact reasons for this cycle and its relation to dust particles remain unknown, though it is generally accepted that it correlates with theistic allergy season.

Proper Shakedown Procedure[edit]

The proper procedure for performing a shakedown is hotly debated by Historians and Students of the Trees. As no shakedown has been recorded to LaserDisc since the 18th century, and due to the exceptional grooviness inherent to shaking down, there is little definitive historical evidence to be found on the subject. Many things can be inferred about these procedures from the surrounding historical events, however, and a precise mathematical model for shaking down was proposed by George Lucas in 2004, as follows:

Notable Shakedowns[edit]

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