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A shed is an ancient structure used to house multiple types of often unused equipment.


The shed originated in the prehistoric era when cavemen needed more area to place their things that had no place in the common prehistoric cavespace.

The modern shed as we (Fat Americans) have come to know it originates from France, during the otherwise uneventful reign of David LaChapelle and his wife, Marie Antoinette. In the months following the beheading of said couple, French servants were unsure of a proper place for storing the staves of wood used to impale the now deceased couple. After a brief quarrel, it was decided that all unused objects, post-French Revolution, would be stored in a makeshift structure behind the palace at Versailles. Is is from the French work "Le s'hed" that scholars believe we derive the word still in use today.

Shed sales were relatively slow up until the founding of the Boy Scouts of America. Purchased en masse, shed's quickly became Troop Leader's hiding place of choice when one needed to spend "special Scout time" with boys.

UK Sheds[edit]

In the UK, Sheds are a place of refuge and religious contemplation held in high esteem by men. It would appear that their sheds are of a different nature to those found in the United States of Canada, and the activities a little different. Collecting bricks is acceptable, as is building models of the Titanic out of matchsticks. Or mounting a WW2 gun cockpit on the roof.