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Simple Flan.

Simple Plan is an emo grindcore band formed in 1869, in Haggis, Scotland. They are know to get dressed up as women in kilts. This band is one of the causes of the war in Iraq, global warming, 9/11 and the controversy sparking Britney Spears shaving her head. Widely Regard as the Biggest Disgrace to Music Ever, they even top Good Charlotte and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The lead singer was openly gay, this probably has something to do with the fact he says "dick" a lot in his songs (*Cough, Addicted, Cough*)


Simple Plan began in 1869 as a classical string quartet. They played numerous shows, including one in Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, but due to the lack of interest in "fans" the band went on a hiatus for 123 years. Lead singer and cello player Pierre Bouvier scored a role in homosexual porn films, such as Humpback Mountain (featuring Michael Jackson and Sean Penn). The long hiatus ended when emo wrist-slasher, David Desrosiers, got a part in Humpback Mountain with Bouver and both ended up having on-screen gay sex. They reformed the band in 1994, and ever since then, have been known to play the shittiest music known to mankind. Even Jesus himself reportedly ended up puking out of his penis by listening to them. David and Pierre decided to find the other three band members, one of which was a retard (well, maybe more, one established by modern medicine at least). Two seconds later, their quest was complete, and they started making music in the kitchen. Currently the lead singer is dead. God fucked him up the ass, but stopped after 3.6 milliseconds and decided he was no good. Pierre and david also have a secret relationship, in other words they´re gay

No Pads, No Helmets...No Balls[edit]

In 2789, Simple Plan released their first studio album, No Pads, No Helmets...No Balls which led to the singles, "I'm Just A Fag", "I'd Do Anything To Shave My Balls", "Addicted To Meth", and the gay single "Perfection".

In 2897, the band played as a headliner on the Fuck Tour. The same year, they opened for Michael Jackson. He then, was kicked out of the venue for molesting male Simple Plan fans.

Still Not Getting Any Pussy[edit]

In 3847, Simple Plan released their second studio album, Still Not Getting Any Pussy... which led to the singles, "Welcome To My Rectum", "Shut Up You Dick", "Untitsled", and "Crazy Boobs".

In 3900, Simple Plan also released a live album, The Pierre, Chuck, David, Sebastien and Jeff Show. The band was later then sued by Blink 182.7.


"I'm Just A Fag" "I'd Do Anything To Shave My Balls", "Addicted To Meth" "Perfection" "Welcome To My Rectum" "Shut Up u dick!" "Untitled (too busy whining/wanking to think of a name)" "Fuck my arse and call me Judy"


  • Pierre Bouvier - Whine-o, Song writer, hard-core emo, loser, idiot, dick-face, and person with an unknown gender who was promptly replaced by an Oxford Thesaurus after the first song was released. And by the way, the most un-rock name in existence.
  • Jeff Stinco (alternatively, Jeff Stink-O, Jeff I. Stink-O, Stinkin' Jeff and some others) - Untitled
  • Sebastian Lefebvre: Guitarist, Escargot inspector
  • David Desrosiers - Bass, Wrist-Slasher
  • Chuck Comeau - The Bongo Man

Also, we already talk about the relationship about David and pierre, and we have this proof


Former Members[edit]

  • Michael Jackson - The name explains itself
  • Beavis Barker - died after he fell from a horse. Details are still unknown.
  • Neil Armstrong - was replaced by Scooby Doo after his head imploded on Mars.
  • Cartman - was too fat to be in the band.
  • Samuel "Mothafuckin'" L. Jackson - Left the band. Claiming that there were just TOO MANY mother fuckers around him.
  • Alec Baldwin - likes to fuck camels
  • Stimpson J. Cat -- he thought the band's name was Stimple Plan. He left after stealing Pierre's hairy balls.
  • Tony the Tiger -- He didn't think that they were Grrrrrreat.
  • Tony the Tiger's anus -- Wait, Tony doesn't have an anus...
  • Jesue Christ(didnt appear in any songs because he was too busy saving noahs ass and turning beer into water then cocaine)

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