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Aftermath after every flight.

Singapore Airlines is a very unfair airline and the flag carrier of Singapore. It gives privellges to all the richies (a.k.a. Rich People) and trys to dump all the poor people. Their planes are actually fair, as they kill everyone. Who knows? The best flight could be if you all die together.


It all started when two fat man from Singapore wanted to build an airline. As they were both stupid and rich, they became so unfair to the public... that whoever's going to USA has to take buissness class and only richies could do it!

Soon, they started crashing planes one by one. They decided that three quarters of the crashes must kill only the middle and low class, while one quarter kills all.


They were also as dumb as American Airlines to go to ridiculous destinations.


They separate into three classes in order of royalty: Richies Class, Cool Class and Idiotic Clas

Richies Class[edit]

They contain beauty seats with all the love and care as a normal First Class. It provides a room for two to love and care, with TV and wireless access. They stole food from America provide the best food in the world to enrich their stupid happiness.

It has in-flight entertainment Krisworld, which apparently makes you dizzy after using it for 30 seconds as they bought it from Hell Canada. It's in-flight magazine is "SuperTimes", which provides all the best information for them.

In case of an emergeny every pasager is given a stuffed dead fox and an ice lolly, what you do with these items is up to you however it is advised that you urinate into the fox's mouth and then shove the lolly inbetween the fox's third and second toes. This can be quite tricky so practise is advised before flying. If it happens to be your birthday on the day of flying, do not tell the flight crew. Any people who are silly enough to tell the crew expect to have molten bannanas shoved up your nose and orange peel stuck to your eye brows.

Cool Class[edit]

They provide a 45" inch seat, as large as a table. It contains leather imported from Nowhere, and lots of dead meat stored in it. Their food is prepared with lots and lots of royalty, less than that of First Class. Their in-flight entertainment is also Krisworld, and makes you dizzy by 15 seconds, also less than that of Richies Class. Instead of the "SuperTimes" magazine, they used rubbish to create a magazine with every page showing a skull. Very scary.

Poor and Idiotic Class[edit]

They have no seats. It's a damp as a cargo plane. The passengers have to sleep on the dirty and rusty floor, being splashed with mud from the special opening at the top every minute. Their food is served by the top thingy, which splatters on them during the dining time. It usually consists of worms, cockroaches, and feaces from the Cool Class and Richies' Class toilets. They provide a magazine only, with lots of skeletons on every single page. But who cares? By the end of the journey, they would die.

Mileage Club[edit]

They provide Krisworld, an atmost dumb class which is only allowed for First Class/Richies Class members. They cannot acumulate points as the company is so evil to do so. The club is a scam and completely useless.

Incidents and Accidents[edit]

Every flight's an accident. No record kept at all.