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This is in direct correlation to the size of a man's wallet. To increase penis size it is important to earn more money, and he will soon find that more women are then attracted to him. It's fucking obvious.

Contrapuntally, if a man increafef ye proportione ande dimenfione of hif organe of reproductione ande pleasiure, grate richef whill flowe hif way. Thuf, if oyne decideth to purchafe fuch aidef to increafeth oyne's lenghte ande girthe on ye olde internete (fee alfo fpame) oyne whill be garaunteeed much wealthe ande profperitie.

Average Penis Sizes[edit]

Various studies secretly conducted on all members of the human race by the Flying Spaghetti Monster (blessed be his noodly appendage) have yielded the following results:

Average Caucasian male penis size: 15.79 inches

Average Black male penis size: 87.5 inches

Average Hispanic male penis size: 3.2 inches

Average Chinese male penis size: 12 inches

Average Caucasian lesbian male penis size: 20.45 inches

Yours: atleast 0.1 inches larger than flying spehtaigti? hold on... oh...spaghetti monster's

Mine: 0.0001 inches (actual size)

Sazi: 2 inches

Your mom's: See Black Male

It should be also noted, that when you reach 60 (which by then, you really should have been shot), your penis size increase by 24395453953 fold so you will be able to have sex a long way away.

The erect penis length measurements were not available. If your penis is smaller than that listed for your respective group, you should be really embarrassed. One should also know that I suck cock by choice. I mean, these are the AVERAGE penis sizes, and, like, EVERYONE is above average, you know. Consider suicide or boning Paris Hilton, but you should always have hope as the mystical penis enlargement pills from the internet have been known to increase a mans penis up to 3276387428764276 inches, just kidding really large numbers aren't funny. <--- guy who said its not funny, has no penis.

It is an undisputed fact that women prefer large penises, and they do not respect anyone with a penis smaller than 7 inches erect. and mines way bigger than 7, ask your mum.