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[Ska Band]
Origins teh intrw3b
Years Active 2006 - next week
Genre(s) Awesome
Labels Penisinanus Records
Members Alecks, Teenah, Kentah

Ska Band is an alternative rock band, originating in West Vancouver, British Columbia. They have yet to write a complete song, perform a song with the required instruments, or find a suitable bassist to replace Teenah's voice box, but they're awesome anyway.

Contrary to popular belief, [Ska Band] is not a ska band, and C Plus, the popular orange drink enjoyed by non-ska band Ska Band, is not popular. They will, however, cover a Reel Big Fish song if threatened by hardcore skankers (especially that man-woman "human" we had the misfortune to meat meet at the Youth Center), but it probably won't have any horns. Because Teenah can't make bass, trumpet and trombone noises all at once. Otherwise, they will most likely play an incomplete original composition (poorly), cover an alt-indie-emo-screamo-type song (poorly), or sit around and do nothing at all.


[Ska Band] was formed in early 2006 or something like that. They got their name from the Reel Big Fish music video for their song, Sell Out, in which a man stamps an application form, clearly marking it 'SKA BAND'. Alecks exclaimed, "We should make a band called Ska Band!". Teenah agreed. So they did!

Teenah and Alecks soon realized it was all kinds of fun to make fun of other band names! They even made a list. They decided they will probably cover songs by them and change the names to their somewhat-amusing parodies. During this time, they may or may not have written some original songs.

Unfortunately, they lack a bassist. However, Teenah was struck with an ingenious idea; as a temporary, but suitable replacement, she could mimic the sounds a bass guitar makes by repeating a series of noises. After all, bass is a wank, and isn't a very hard sound to reproduce. Much easier than reproducing babies, anyway.

Alecks and Teenah spent many Science classes "playing music". They also advertised a lot by writing their band names, as well as their own names, all over the side of the second-to-last table in their Science classroom. They're probably still there, if not covered by Mr Kelly's (and his dog's combined) semen.

Later, Kentah, a friend of Alecks's and Teenah's, was like, "OMG ALECKS LETS MAKE A BAND", in a serious sense. And we were like. "Kay!". Kentah is officially an official guitarist for the official band, officially. Teenah can do some background crap, because she's kinda lazy and not that good.



  • ttly awsom (in production)
  • sounds Alecks makes in bed (in production)

Current Members[edit]


  • All members (yes, all three of them) enjoy the popular orange drink, C Plus.
  • Alecks and Teenah are hardcore fans of ninjas.
  • Teenah is rumoured to have a 230-foot-long, 20-inch-wide purple penis.
  • Alecks and Teenah have wild, crazy bridge-sex. Unfortunately, only Teenah enjoys it. :(
  • I once saw Jesus naked.
  • Tits.
  • Alecks once stalked Mike Hawk on a daily visit to York Hunt at her home down south.