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SKY Digital is a digital satellite platform that broadcasts to the United Kingdom using stolen Russian cosmonaut communications equipment. It is owned by the media tycoon Raymond Sky and was started in the 60s after a deal with Mohamed Al Fayed, due to the fact that entertainment delivered via satellite has always held a special place in the heart of the two friends.

Channels available on the SKY television network include SKY Uno, SKY the Second, and SKY SlopBucket (later renamed to SKY Three). There is also entertainment for all the family delivered by the British version of the highly offensive American channel Niggerlodeon, a sinister children's network.

SKY in High Definition[edit]

As a technological entrepreneur and the inventor of HDTV, Raymond Sky promises to broadcast his service in high definition by 2070. The system will include an astonishing 82 lines of picture resolution, which is enough to make out individual bricks on a wall (assuming the overzealous compression does not obscure them)