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Games: Guitar Hero 7 in the works
Posted by CowboyBill
from the i-rock-all-the-women-who-are-in-my-game-room-aka-none dept.

According to an article in Gamer's Bi-weekly Laminated News Booklet, a sequel to the yet unreleased Guitar Hero 6 is in the works. From the article:

"If you liked the first Guitar Hero game, then you'll love Guitar Hero 7. In this sequel, your character is equipped with a turbo thrasher metal guitar that totally can rip power chords like a rock icon given the hair of +2 rockerness. YEAH! You'll be able to impress your friends by playing along to rock hits such as Rock N Roll All Nite by Kiss and Go Tell Aunt Rhody (public domain folk song). But that's not all! Guitar Hero 7 will allow you to actually scan a picture of your face into your game system and superimpose it on the body of the character you choose! ROCKIN'!"

Sounds like fun, but what I wanna know is when are they gonna come out with.. BASSLINE HERO?? Huh? Do ya get it? Do ya? Huh? :D
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Great news! (Score:666, Informative)
by R0xst4r
The best part is that the company will be making a lot more Guitar Hero games before 7 is released. Some people might not catch on to that tidbit implied by the sequel number :)
Guitar HERO!!!!

by Anonymous Coward
Thanks for pointing that out! That makes this even cooler. I never would have realized that. Mod parent up

LOL FP!11!!!1 (Score:-2, Troll)
by Anonymous Coward

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It has to be said (Score:5, Funny)
by c00l337
I for one welcome out new Guitar Hero overlords.

Re: It has to be said (Score:0)
by h4x9054
HAHA that joke never gets old

But... (Score:5, Funny)
Will it run Linux?

Linux is cool, kids.