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A sleeve is a device commonly used to protect people from dirt, scratches and the elements.

Sleeves are also an effective means of concealing certain objects. Of course, pockets are a more common means of concealment. However, some things, most notably tricks, are less suited to being carried in pockets, and are therefore regularly carried in sleeves whenever somebody wishes to conceal them.

Types of sleeve[edit]

Leg of mutton sleeve
just cut off a sheep's leg and hollow it out. How about sticking it on a kangaroo? Then you'll have a woolly jumper!
Batwing sleeve
favoured by Superman and others to enable flight
Cap sleeve
like the cap you wear on your head, just made to fit a little lower down
Puff sleeve
along with the huff sleeve, designed for when you're exhausted, or to give you that extra breath to blow a little pig's house down
Angel sleeve
a very heavenly adornment
Raglan sleeve
a little longer than most in the other direction, to almost make ends meet
Record sleeve
used to keep a vinyl record warm when the weather ain't
Wizards sleeve
a females genitalia that has become very, very slack


Some people (usually, but not always, people who don't regularly carry tricks around) believe that sleeves have little use but to interfere with the right to bare arms. As such, many designs of gadgets have been invented to alleviate the need for sleeves. The simplest of these is the tank top. Others are slightly more complicated, mainly because of forces that the designs need in order to prevent them from collapsing. For a boob tube, this force is invisible, possibly perpetuated by the watching of boob tubes on the other side of the pond. For a strappy top, it takes the form of tension and is just visible. For a third kind, the halterneck, you can only just see the force.

Others do away even with any of these. But shyness, most often found in the female of the species, limits the extent to which nature has this disposal at its disposal.