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Sligo is a dimensional anomaly in the West of Ireland, created by Cromwell due to complaints from Hell about overcrowding. The place could almost be labelled as a paradox, as nobody really wants to be there, but those that remain are directly proportional to those who opt to get the fuck out, who are in turn proportional to the hapless idiots and refugees who choose to move there. This creates a sort of static flux which is best left unthought-about. Sligo is also the worlds no#1 producer of umbrellas for cocktails and sligo is also known to be the place where Peter Scanlon created the world's first deck of cards


Sligo is situated between insurmountable mountain ranges and an ocean, to prevent the risk of further infection. Unfortunately, Leitrim, Roscommon and Mayo have succumbed in varying degrees to the general crappiness that pervades Sligo and it's locales.


Sligo is a town with many strange customs, including a vibrant gambling scene. One of the more popular games consists of either parting with a Euro, getting a Stanley knife in the ribs, or both. This, along with other activities such as the 'Cranmore Walk'

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