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A slogan is a parasitic motto or catch phrase used in the brainwashing industry; or by people who are charismatic and photogenic enough to lie. Slogans express of any of various ideas or purposes, but are never used in advertising.

Use in advertising[edit]

Most commonly used in advertising, slogans vary from the written and the cutesy to the chanted and the profane. Often their simplicity makes them ideal for weeding out personal baggage and populating mindspace with only the most critical details of contemporary life, like remembering, on the one hand, which company is the leading provider of quality underarm-hair-and-foot-fungus care products; on the one hand, or which is the most enduring and lovable reality-based game show resignation scandal on the other, third hand.

The word "slogan" comes from sluagh-ghairm (pronounced slogorm), which is Gaelic for "bend-over".

Famous advertising slogans[edit]

The following short sample of famous slogans is intended to generate energon for decepticons only, because only so much is riding on more than just do it works for all of us, and it shows:

  • Our most important package is brown, big and thick, and it shows. -- Set Up Us The PUS
  • A mind is a terrible thing to make the doughnuts. -- Untied Ogre Collage Fund for the Advancement of Crippled slash Handicapped Pastry
  • Made from the best stuff on your tires. -- Crapple™
  • Because so much is riding on everything. -- Everything
  • Big and thick no room for your support. -- Uncyclopedia
  • Big and thick, mother approved, stronger than dirt, and not in your hands. -- Wikipedia
  • Crunch all you want, double your fun, we don't look good, and you can't stop. -- Fool
  • Fair, keeps on ticking, picked by Juan Valdez, and it shows. -- Dr. Evil
  • If you don't look good, sometimes you don't, we've got the beer, and we'll make more. -- Money
  • I'm cuckoo for money. -- Beer
  • I'm lovin' it your way. -- Your mom
  • Is it wet or is loose. -- (See above)
  • It pays to make the donuts. -- Your dad
  • It takes a licking and thick, no room for a stick, picked by Dr. Mom, and it shows. -- (See above)
  • More complete from A to waste. -- Copper
  • I cant believe i ate the copper top. -- Zinc
  • Nothing beats a great pair of scoops of five dentists surveyed. -- Potato
  • The dog kids love to be served in America's finest restaurants. -- McDonalds
  • Put a smile on your tires. -- Happy meal
  • Takes grease out of raisins. -- Happy meal aftermath meal
  • We love to fly and touch someone. -- Neverland meal
  • When it absolutely positively has to bite. -- (See above vs Ronald McDonald)
  • The one that coats is the only one at a time. -- Pepto Bismol, Diahorrea, and Your mom (three way conflict/tie)
  • Nobody better lay a finger on my great pair of 2000 parts. -- (See below)
  • It's not just for -- Incompletene

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