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“Exit, stage...?”

~ Snagglepuss on The day he got dyslexic.

“In Communist Russia, the stage exits Snagglepuss”

~ Russian on Snagglepuss

“I'd have some of his ass”

~ Smithers on Snagglepuss
Exit, Stage Right!


Snagglepuss was born in 1936 in San Fransisco during the movie by the same name with Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh (The prequel movie was Gone With the Wind). His father was an extra in many MGM Films, but was never known for some reason. But Snagglepuss knew he will be a star on the stage.

In 1939, Snagglepuss would try out for The Cowardly Lion in the movie The Wizard of OZ, but he didn't get the role. His father did...but he also killed himself on the screen. (And his father's claim to fame still remains as 'The Guy Who Hung Himself' in "The Wizard of OZ").

For awhile, Snagglepuss would perform in theater, not knowing that he would be a star during that time, Snagglepuss tried out for many plays that no one knew...he even did one where he kisses a guy...and he liked it!

For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article very remotely related to Snagglepuss.

Hanna-Barbera Years[edit]

In 1958, Snagglepuss was tired of doing plays where he would either do Shakespeare or play the straight man (I mean, not be gay). Snagglepuss would do the on a TV Show made by Hanna-Barbera who launched many stars and obscure characters.

Here's Snagglepuss announcing that he is gay on Live TV.

His first appearence would be on Quick Draw McGraw where he would try and kiss Quick Draw...he never succeeded. So he later saw himself on "Yogi Bear" and he was a hit.

Snagglepuss would not appear in another cartoon until 1973 when Gay would be popular (This was in 1973).

Secret Shame[edit]

For many years, Snagglepuss would never tell anyone that he was gay...but he was. Though he never wore clothing like Elton John, Liberache, or Freddie Mercury...he would sleep with them.

It wasn't until 1987 when Snagglepuss would tell the world that he was gay. It was on Oprah] where he would come out of the closet and his lover at the time was Huckleberry Hound. It wasn't until 1991 when their relationship would end though. But Snagglepuss would later go out with Elmer Fudd later that year.

Today, Snagglepuss is married to Elmer Fudd right before the second Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the papers to outlaw gay marriages in California...again.

People Snagglepuss slept with[edit]

Snagglepuss with his significant other Elmer Fudd. (Note:Snagglepuss is VERY sensitive to his marriage, so that's why his head is fuzzed).

Elton John

Freddie Mercury



Rock Hudson

David Bowie

Rosie O'Donnel (he was drunk at the time)

The Village People





Elmer Fudd**


Mr. Garrison

Huckleberry Hound***

  • First Marriage (1956-1959)
    • Second Marriage (1987-1991)
      • Third Marriage (1997-Present)