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“I heard he was dead, and taller.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Snake Plissken
Snake Plissken

Robert (Bob) Plissken (March 17, 1961-Present), is a former U.S. Army Lieutenant; serving under Special Forces Unit Black Light, with two Purple Hearts, and the youngest soldier to be decorated by the U.S. President for bravery during campaigns in Leningrad and Siberia in World War III against the Soviet Union. Today he is probably best known as a criminal and by his Codename "Snake" Plissken. It is commonly suggested that Snake is God.

Early life[edit]

Robert was born in Los Angeles, California, the child of Jonathan and Mili Plissken. Robert's dream was to become a doctor, however this would change shortly after his 19th Birthday, when full scale war broke out between America and the Soviet Union. 3 days later, the USSR launched massive gas attacks against the US. New York City is one of the first hit. Massive "gas craziness" breaks out in the area. New York is rendered uninhabitable and the Government wall it off and turn it into a maximum security prison. Crime rate quadruples, due to gas. Robert joined the Army shortly after the attacks. He was instantly commissioned as a Lieutenant due to the necessity of wartime. At some point during the early part of his Military career he gets a Snake tattoo on his chest and as such starts to be called "Snake".

Military career (1980-87)[edit]

The Siberia Campaign (1983-85)[edit]

Shortly after joining the Special Forces Unit Black Light, Plissken and the rest of the team are deployed to fight against Russian Forces in Siberia. He single-handedly infiltrates and destroys the infamous Protujavoarc Fortress, from there on he becomes famous amongst the other grunts of the US Army. His fame eventually "snowballs" and he is considered by vast numbers of both US troops and civilians to be a role model and War Hero. He is given a Purple Heart due to his bravely and determination during the conflict in spite of several near fatal injuries he received in combat.

During the Siberia Campaign, back in the US, Plissken's parents were taken hostage by gas crazed individuals. The local detachment of the A moves in with flame throwers and simply murdered everyone in the household

The Leningrad Ruse (1987)[edit]

In 1987, Plissken and the rest of Black Light were deployed at Leningrad in order to aid other Allied units in defeating Aleksandr Kolchak MK II and his forces. Black Light were unaware that their superior, Captain Tom Berrigan, had tricked them into entering a suicide mission. During the hopeless battle, the left goggle of Plissken's helmet cracks and some form of nerve gas unleashed seconds earlier begins damage to his eye. He managed to call Retreat and when he made it back to his "Home base" in Helsinki, he and Sgt. William "Bill" Taylor were confirmed to be the only survivors of Black Light. Taylor and Snake are hospitalized. Snake loses the use of his left eye and is given black eye patch to protect the damaged eye from light, which is painful due to the paralyzed iris.

Aleksandr Kolchak MK II

Taylor recovered faster than Snake and as such was released from the hospital's care, not long after, he learned the true nature of "Operation Thunder Cough", the official name of the "Leningrad Ruse" mission, he visited Snake in hospital and told him of the true nature of the operation. Snake was obviously outraged by the fact that he, Taylor and the rest of Black Light were deemed as "expendable forces."

On December 4th 1987, President Jimmy Carter gave Plissken the Congressional Medal of Honor and his second Purple Heart. Plissken threw the medals away and resigned from the Army shortly after.

Life after the Army-life of crime (1987-Present)[edit]

Following his leaving the Army, Snake returned home, a civilian, to find that his parents had been killed during the Siberia Campaign and all of their possessions and money had been taken by IRS for taxes and "restitution". With his home burned down, and parents buried in a pauper's grave, Plissken snapped completely. He blew up several US Government vehicles and thus his life of crime began.

Plissken would not commit any major criminal acts until 1997, when he and former Military buddy William "Bill" Taylor (him ad left de Army along wid Snake back in 1977) robbed the Denver Federal Reserve Depository. The pair made off with several billion dollars. The 2 of them split up and met in Atlanta subway station several hours later and they travelled on the train to San Francisco.

Upon arrival in San Francisco Snake and Taylor are ambushed in the subway station by the SFPD. Taylor was shot and Snake tried to talk him into giving up to save his life. Taylor refused to surrender and thus was killed; Snake surrendered and, after a swift, simple trial was sentenced to life in New York Maximum Security Prison.

The New York Maximum Security Prison Crisis (1997)[edit]

Shortly before Snake’s arrival at the prison, Air Force One was hijacked by leftist terrorists and was intentionally crashed into the prison. The President survived thanks to Air Force Ones’ escape pod, but is captured by the inmates.

The head of Prison Security, Tom Hauk, attempted to negotiate the President's release, but the inmates refused to give him up. After Plissken’s arrival, Hauk offered him a deal: rescue the President, if he complied he would receive a full pardon. Hauk had Snake injected with micro-explosives that would kill him in 22 hours to ensure that Snake did not abandon his mission and try to escape. Hauk told Snake that the explosives would be defused if he returned with the President.

Snake covertly landed atop the World Trade Center in a jet glider. He located the plane wreckage and the escape pod, but the President was gone. Snake tracked the President's life-monitor bracelet signal to a movie theater where he met a fat, drunk, Cabbie who offered to help. Snake then tracked the signal to the basement, only to find the bracelet on the wrist of an inebriated bum. The cabbie took Snake to see Brain, a wise inmate who had made the New York Public Library his personal fortress. Brain told Snake that a gang leader, the self-proclaimed "Duke of New York" had the President and that he was planning an escape attempt across the "69th Street Bridge" with the President as a human shield. The Duke unexpectedly arrived to get a diagram of the land mines that guard the bridge and Snake forced Brain and his girlfriend Maggie to lead him back to the Duke's compound. Snake found the President, but his rescue failed and he was captured as well. The Duke gathered his people and announced the walk-out to thunderous applause. He also offered the dramatic death of Snake Plissken who was shoved into an arena to fight with a power-house brute. Meanwhile, Brain and Maggie tricked the Duke's men, gained access to the President. After killing the guards, they freed the President and quickly fled to Snake's glider. Meanwhile, Snake defeated his opponent, impressing the crowd. The Duke was furious, and even more so when he learned the President has escaped with Brain. He rounded up his men to chase them down. In the confusion, Snake slipped away and managed to catch up with Brain, Maggie and the President at the glider, but during their attempted get-away, a gang of Crazies pushed it off the building. Snake and the others soon found the cabbie, and Snake takes the wheel of his cab, heading for the bridge. Meanwhile, The Duke gave chase and as they drove over the bridge, Snake hit a land mine and the cab was destroyed, killing the cabbie. Brain and Maggie also died. Snake and the President kept running. Snake and the President reached the containment wall and guards lowered a rope. As Snake waited to be lifted, the Duke attacked him. He evaded the Duke's attack who then waited for the rope to be lowered again. Snake was able to ambush and disarm him. While the Duke lied on top of a car after his beating, he was machine-gunned down by the President. Snake was then lifted to safety and the implanted mini-explosives were deactivated.

Freedom-return to a life of crime (1997-2013)[edit]

Following his pardon and release from New York, Plissken resumed his life of crime. He began a grand ostentatious crime spree that amazingly lasted 16 years until 2013, when Plissken was once again arrested and thrown into LA Maximum Security Prison (Created after an earthquake of 9.6 magnitude hit the city of Los Angeles in 2000, causing it to be separated from the continental mainland by flooding the San Fernando Valley (now called the "San Fernando Sea").

The LA Maximum Security Prison Crisis (2013)[edit]

Luckily for Snake, a crisis exactly identical to the one at New York Max. was brewing, except far more boring and less cool. 3 days prior to Plissken's arrest Cuervo Jones, a Che Guevara-like Shining Path Peruvian terrorist, seduced the President's daughter, via the internet and brainwashed her into stealing her father's remote control to the "Sword of Damocles" superweapon - a series of high-tech satellites capable of destroying electronics anywhere on the planet using a focused electromagnetic pulse. The President had threatened to use the system to render enemies of America "unable to function", and eventually dominate the world. Utopia got away in an escape pod from Air Force Three and landed in L.A. Island to be with Cuervo.

With the satellites under his control, Cuervo promised to take back America with the assistance of an allied invasion force of Latin American nations that were standing by for his signal to attack. Cuervo threatened that if the President tried to stop him, he'd "pull the plug" on the country and demonstrate his power by blacking out the capital. Cuervo also knew the secret "world code", (which was 666), that could activate all the satellites and knock out power for the entire Earth.

Plissken was given the same offer he was given during the New York Max. crisis, he was told that if he retrieved the remote device, he would be pardoned once again, at first Snake refused to participate in yet another forced operation; but to ensure his compliance, Snake was secretly infected with the man-made Plutoxin 7 virus upon his arrival at LA, which would kill him in a few hours. If he completed the mission, he would be given the antidote. Thus with that as an incentive, Plissken accepted the mission.

He was given a submachine gun, a personal holographic projector, a thermal-camouflage overcoat, and a countdown clock for how long he had to live. The virus worked fast, Snake only had 9 nine hours to find the device and get out before he dies. Like New York, Los Angeles was now in ruins, and a hot-bed of crime. Snake sneaked into the city with a nuclear-powered mini submarine; which he soon lost when an aftershock quake caused the sub to sink into the ocean.

Making his way across the island, Snake met an array of people including, "Map to the Stars" Eddie, a swindler who made a living selling interactive tours of L.A.), a knife-wielding skinhead, Hershe Las Palmas, a.k.a. Carjack Malone - a transsexual and former partner of Snake's, who also tells him the Plutoxin virus is a propaganda lie and won't kill him), a hippie surfer), Valeria Golino (a lonely woman who falls in love with Snake, but is soon killed in a gang shooting), and the insane "Surgeon General of Beverly Hills".

Snake finally defeated Cuervo at his staging area of The Happy Kingdom By The Sea and got hold of the remote control. Eventually, Snake escaped the island with Utopia, the Presidents daughter. Upon his return to the US mainland, he intentionally gave the wrong remote to the President while Utopia was taken to the electric chair for execution. The Plutoxin 7 virus was revealed to be nothing more than a fast, hard hitting case of the flu, not in the least bit lethal to Snake. Thinking he had control of the satellites, the President tried to use it to stop a Cuban invasion force threatening Florida. Activating the remote, the President heard only Eddie's "Map to the Stars" intro for his audio tours of LA.

In anger, the President ordered Snake to be executed, but Snake had activated his hologram projector and the Snake that was shot was an illusion. Snake activated the Sword of Damocles device, entering the world code 666, against pleas to stop. The illusory Snake disappeared (as all electrically devices had obviously shut down) and in reality he was a few hundred yards away. Amidst the panic and confusion he slips away. Luckily for the World the US DOD were not stupid enough to develop an EMP that could shut down the World, Damocles was little more than a propaganda tool. The World's power came back online 5 minutes later.

Career as a Mercenary (2013-Present)[edit]

Following the resolution of the LA Maximum Security Prison Crisis, Plissken began a career as a Mercenary, since its humble beginnings in 2013, Plissken has gone on to fight in a vast number of conflicts. He is currently in the Soviet state of Elbonia, fighting for the official Government in the Elbonian Civil War.