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This is really a picture of you is it not?

“When a blind man leads a blind man, they both fall in the ditch. Why not be the somebody with sight, and run past them both.”

~ The Bible on on social intelligence

Social intelligence is the ability to avoid wasting time and energy on people who can't give enough in return. It's essentially efficient handling of the obstacles that other people represent.

Low social intelligence[edit]

Those with little or no social intelligence often are sensitive about the feelings of others, where empathy might lead to self-destructive behaviour as not keeping everything for yourself, helping others to where you are now (dragging yourself backwards towards their level), and trying to understand the confusing and misleading feelings of others.

Social Intelligence and successful leadership[edit]

All prominent leaders get to their positions of influence by having an exceptionally high social intelligence, getting ahead of others by putting themselves first. This is especially true of business leaders. By having no concern for the feelings of others and a complete disinterest in social obligations, they are able to supress wages and resist maternity leave, thus boosting productivity and economic gain in the short term. With less social intelligence, they do not seek to understand employees' needs or worry about the world around them. With their insight, socially intelligent people protect the world from those who inhabit it, often utilising the black arts of public relations to camouflage their ineptitude and blinkered vision. Their favourite way of curtailing debate or reflective thinking is to start a sentence with the phrase: "at the end of the day".