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Social savantism is a crippling mental disorder, that, at the same time unlocks other, powerful abitities.


Social savants are handicapped mentally and do not have as quick of a mind as normal people. For example, they lack even the skills to add up 2 ten digit numbers in less than thirty seconds! Some of the more high functioning social savants can multiply three digit numbers together; however, they will need a piece of paper and a pencil in order to correctly multiply. Once again, the results are dismally slow; the record for such multiplication is around 45 seconds. This disease is so malignant, not even the most high functioning social savants can do square roots, with or without paper, and no social savant has ever been recorded to calculate the day of the week of a random date 30 years ago.

Sadly, the symptoms do not end there, either. These people will require years of training in order to learn to play musical instruments. The best savants require hours of practice each day in order to even play simple pieces of music, and they, for the most part, are completely incapable of improvinization.

Hidden Gifts[edit]

Despite those obstacles, social savants have hidden talents that can almost make up for such weaknesses. Though they seem to have no practical skills, when two social savants meet, they will begin talking animatedly, and almost too fast for the human ear to follow. These mysterious relationships between savants are being studied currently, and they appear to have unthinkable talents. For those who cannot memorize a Bach piece after it has been played twice, they seem to spread information at an alarming rate. In a controlled observation of two savants, one was told the combination to release food into the observation area. The Skinner boxes were separated by wire, yet the knowledgeable test subject was able to communicate to the other savant what the combination was, and how to open the lock without showing him! In addition, the social savants seem to communicate among themselves far more than necessary for basic information exchange. Scientists are studying why, but have been unable to come to any conclusions.

Social savantism, though it is a disabling disease, can unlock hidden talents that were never thought possible before.

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