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“Peace on Earth and cake to all men”

~ Olivia Newton-John

“A song about cake is a song worth singing.”

“He's going the distance!”

~ Cake
Yum yummy-licious!

Cake has always been a big part of our lives - everyone knows that like! We all love cake - from the desert people of Lapland to the underground dwelling Oompa Loompas of Narnia. Cake knows no boundaries and it's role in the world peace process should not be underestimated. So it's no surprise that cake is always mentioned in songs and poems.

Note: This article also showcases good songs about cake-related "foods" Do ya want artery-clogging fries with that?!

The Greatest Cake Song Ever!![edit]

The greatest cake song ever in the history of the World "My Lovely Cake" was written by Dame Del-Boy Trotter. It stayed at the No.1 spot in the UK charts for 3 and a half years beating of the Bryan Adams classic 'Everything I do.. I do it for myself and not you, you shelfish whore'. It was the best selling song in the United States of the USA in 1939 and was only taken off the top spot by some Hip-Hop/Rap/RnB tune thing by Tu Kanye Snoop Mathers Dre Dog.

My lovely cake
Sitting on the shelf.
My favourite munch,
You're so perfect for lunch
or any time.

I want to sprinkle you with chocolate chips,
And eat you with whipped cream.
Put some jelly along the side.
You taste like a dream.
You're much better than a pie.

The Pudding (parody of "The Hurting" by Tears For Fears[edit]

Is it an horrific cream?

Wafers do sink fast!

Could a jogger be too lean?

To devour this mass?!

On my own,

I can't fease this load!

See my belly strain!"

Can you please refrain

From Pudding!

("ugh!" repeated 10 times with tune)

Ever hear those obese kids?

When they wail with pain?

Can you give them green veggies?

stead' of chocolate bane?

All along,

You've smoked pudding bong,

Left me in the dust,

Now I cannot trust

The Pudding!

("ugh!" repeated 10 times with tune)

Gotta fuel your mind

With food ya know,

Will make ya strong

And strengthen marrow!

Eat your broccoli don't stop chewin' it!

Gotta fuel your mind

With food ya know

Will make ya lean,

Strengthen your ego!

So the damned pudding won't curse your abs!

(instrumental) Is it an horrific cream? (repeated 3 times)

The Eurocake Song Contest[edit]

The Eurocake Song Contest takes place every year in Narnia - the official home of cake and is hosted as always by Terry Wogan and Dame Edna. This years prize is a life time's supply of the cake of your choice and some CD vouchers. This year saw more entries that ever with countries like Neverneverland and Belgium, who are n't exactly well known for their cake lovin' competing for the first time.

The 2005 Eurocake Song Contest Results[edit]

10. Spain - Me Gusta Mucho Cake
9. Narnia - The Cake behind the Wardrobe
8. Germany - Ich Liebe Cake Ja
7. Ireland - Feck, Arse, Girls, Cake
6. Holland - Goedemorgen Cake
5. France - Les Gateux que J'adore vivement
4. Belgium - Qu'est-ce que c'est Gateux?
3. Switzerland - Cake, the poor man's chocolate
2. Neverneverland - No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No there's no cake

The 2005 Eurocake Song Contest Winner[edit]

This years winning was an entry from Leichtenstein entitled - I Will Survive.

When first I saw the cake I was stupified
To see fresh crème and chocolate sitting at the side.
I’ve ate it so many times
I started thinking it was wrong
But I grew strong
And I decided to carry on
I love your smell
I love your taste
Just even thinking about Chocolate cake
Puts a smile upon my face
Its tastes better when it’s warm
With strawberries on the top
The Chocolate sauce is runny
I can’t wait to scoff the f**king lot

Go on now go.
Get me some more!!
Chocolate sauce is over flowing
That I’m skidding on the floor.
It’s my favourite dessert – it’s the only one I’ll buy
It’s better than Rhurbarb Crumble,
Banoffie or Apple Pie
Oh no not I
I will survive
As long as I’ve got Chocolate Cake
I know I’ll stay alive.
I’ve got all this cake to eat
It really is a treat
And I’ll survive
I will survive

The consistency is perfect,
It will not fall apart.
It’s such a shame to eat it
It’s such a work of art.
When I go to a restaurant
And they have run out of cake
I almost cry
I need to hold my head up high
But I cannot
Pick something new
Chocolate Cake is good.
I’m so in love with you.
''So I’ll go to Sainsbury’s and buy some
So that I’ll always have cake free.
I’m saving myself for this dessert
Chocolate Cake’s the one for me

Mountain of Cake by Ronnie James Dio[edit]

The tenth track appearing in Holy Diver, a 1983 LP from the band Dio. It is the band's third single released, gaining more popularity than their first two singles "Holy Diver" and "Rainbow in the Dark". It is often stated by many Dio fans that it was "Mountain of Cake" that truly sold the band's first LP, not the previously mentioned tracks.

"Mountain of Cake" broke several Bilboard records when it stayed atop the Bilboard Hot 100 for 14 weeks upon its release in 1983. By late 1984, it once again broke a Bilboard record for being the only Single to out sell the LP which it originally appeared.

In Rock, Metal, and Devil Horns, the official biography of Ronnie James Dio, Dio tells of how he came to writing "Mountain of Cake."

“''Mountain of Cake' pretty much came to me overnight. I had a dream that my wife had baked me something like 30 cakes. When I walked into the kitchen (in the dream) I saw all of these cakes all over the place and was like 'Holy shit!' There were cakes of all types: red velvet, lemon creme, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, oreo, snickers, all of the cakes you could think of! I ate so much of the cakes, I actually felt sick.
There was this little tune in the background constantly playing, yet subtle enough not to be too noticeable. When I finally woke up, the whole dream felt way too real. The lyrics eventually came to me, and the tune was already there in the dream. It was like I needed to write it, you know? I was compelled to. It's a good thing I did.”

Other Songs[edit]

"Daria, I won't be soothed over,
Like, smoothed over,
Like milk, silk, a bedspread or a quilt.
Icing on a Cake, or a serene transluscent lake."
- John McCrea

“Someone left the cake out in the rain
I don't think that I can take it
'cause it took so long to bake it
And I'll never have that recipe again.”

~ Fanny Cradock on MacArthur Park

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