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Sontendosoft, is the greatest video game company—or supercompany according to some—ever. It was actually a collection of three smaller gaming companies, and in 1927 it revealed the greatest game system ever, the Super Nintendo.


Sontendosoft came into being during in 1927 during the Best Week Ever when the three gaming companies—Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo—combined into one. With theur combined abilities, they hoped to engineer the greatest game system possible. There first prototype was called the Nintendo Entertainment System, or just NES for short. It was really awesome, but they knew that they hadn't quite created the greatest game system possible. After 3 months of working in secret, they did; Sontendosoft revealed the greatest game system possible, and it was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or just the SNES or Super Nintendo for short.


The Sontendosoft developed an awesome selection of kick-ass games. Though they made only five, all four are considered the 5 sweetest games of all time in the following order.

  1. Best Week Ever: The Game
  2. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
  3. Racoon Tail v. Super Mario Cape
  4. Looters !
  5. Shaq Fu

Every game was hailed by critics for having totally old school graphics and totally sweet gameplay. This was because the people and Sontendosoft made the daring risk of focusing soley on gameplay rather than wasting time on graphics. The risk paid off, because they managed to make the best five games of all time.

The one failure Sontendosoft had is that none of its games ever inspired any violence or crime.

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