Sope Eaters

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The Sope Eaters are a tribe of hooligans that live in Southeast Asia.

As the name suggests, they primarily eat soap, but also mine soap, farm and harvest soap, and process soap to make more soap.


The Sope Eaters are a primitive tribe and create jars and large vats to store soap. They are usually a peaceful people, however, there have been reports of unprovoked monkey faeces throwing.

Spelling of "Soap"[edit]

Artist's depeiction of Elvis living with the Sope Eaters

The Sope Eaters have undergone much oppression from ruling countries, and have been used for slave labor extenslively. During slavery, they had to steal soap from their owners, and were severely punished for this act, being beaten and told, "You should apologize for eating all the soap". The Sope Eaters eventually revolted, and changed their spelling of "soap" to "sope"

Elvis: A Sope Eater?[edit]

Many people believe that Elvis Presley was, in fact, a Sope Eater. The Elvis is a soap eater theory states that he was bought as a slave as a young child and escaped. His super hip shaking ability and perfect hair were said to be the result of a high soap intake.

It is said the after Elvis was believed to be dead, he returned to his home as a Sope Eater, and currently lives near China.