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Sorry =( is a popular slang phrase used for shock value by today's youth. It was originally seen written on the bullet-riddled body of Julius Caesar, and still holds a great sadness to adults who remember the incident.

While most Americans, Baby Boomers and up, disapprove of the use of "Sorry =(," younger Americans prefer to rebel against the Norm, as he really should be nicer to Vera. It is common practice in today's societies to, when a senior citizen approaches you, shout "Sorry =(," then kick them in the elbow and run away in a carefully positioned getaway car. When the olderly person chases you, it is seen as proper to throw a chair at them, and blast into hyperspace.

=( Gained little notioriety until the 1950s, when squirrels chewed the wheat in a field to the shape of the phrase. After that, it's been as American as Grand Moff and April Pie.

Example: Sorry =( I linked you to cherrycake, goatse, tubgirl, and everyother shock site in the world