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South Haven is an underwater metropolis in Connectthedots. It is located directly south of an extremely insignificant hamlet known by the locals as "New" Haven.



South Haven is surrounded by New Haven, West Haven, and East Haven respectively.

Located 20,000 centimeters below the sea, most of the community lives in a trench out near the break walls.

In November, many of the inhabitants of South Haven migrate closer to the shore for warmth.

The Legend of South Haven[edit]

South Haven is often considered "lost" by most scholars, it is simply just hard to see because the water in the area is too full of mud and debris.

Most people do not bother going to South Haven, also known as "Southantis", "Lost Haven" or "S'Haven" by locals. (Hehe, Shavin) There was a scuba diving shop in West Haven, Connectthedots for the sole purpose of visiting the area, but it was closed in 2006.

The City of South Haven is comprised of mostly discarded firework shells and plastic bags.

This city is also home to the infamous school known as the South Haven Institute of Technology (SHIT).

The Uprising of the Merpeople[edit]

In the year 1822 when area towns were deemed official by the state of Connectthedots, South Haven merpresentitives refused to be incorporated, demanding that the state be renamed Mernnecticut and their leader Triton the Merteenth be deemed ruler of all the lands.

On July 9th, 1823, they stormed the land in a massive war effort, only to realize that they could not breath air. Four thousand merpeople died that day.

After many years of spawning, their kind regenerated became a force to be reckoned with.

In the 1960's the merpeople exacted their revenge, attacking Savin Rock Amusement Park, and dragging their wooden roller coaster off of a peir and into the Long Island Sound. The roller coaster, known as The Devil still remains under the sea, and is used as a merpartment complex.

The Amusement Park was forced to close due to lack of roller coasters and the Merpeople were satisfied for the time being, however an uprising is rumored amongst lobster trappers in the area.


A common South Haven conversation to over hear:

"Blubgluurrggblugg!!!" "Blufblug blub boblub." "Bluuuuup"


Typical Merspace File

Merpeople primarily use Merspace for social networking.