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~ Tamia

The primary ingredient of the ever-popular poverty food Soylent Fetus, foetuses are obtained primarily at Wal-Marts and Planned Parenthood clinics. Soylent foetus is becoming more popular over recent years.

Served as a tender, meaty, tofu cube especially designed to provide the average humanoid lifeform with all basic nutritional needs, a normal ration of 250g daily is sufficient to maintain a balanced healthy diet.

Soylent Fetus' delicate flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture is due to it's special manufacturing process utilizing 100% embryonic tissue. No gnarly senior citizens with their brittle, knifeshard splintery bones and leathery skin. Just soft, flavourful babes, plucked at the peak of flavour.

Tuesday is Soylent Green Day, but for a special Sunday dinner, there's nothing like Soylent Fetus from the Soylent corporation.

Used in Olympic sporting events such as shot putting. Commonly miscarried foetus is gripped by the top of the skull, the thrower then spins twice clockwise (or counter-clockwise, depending on choice) before releasing the foetus to sail into the next county. This is a popular treat among expecting mothers. The only side effects are that sometimes a foetus-projectile can cause exterior damage to one's home.

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