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The Speed limit is a law in many regions prohibiting automotive travel above a certain velocity, based on the principle that doing so increases the time available to drivers to react. As velocity is a vector, It therefore logically follows that one should travel at a high a negative velocity as possible. British persons in foreign countries regularly demonstrate their intellectual superiority based upon this principle.

Speed limit enforcement[edit]

The punishment for breaking the Speed Limits in most regions is any one of; A fine, a temporary or permanent ban from driving, or short term imprisonment. A notable exception to this rule is in France, where traffic police instead perform close-up demonstrations of car stopping times. Whenever three or more serious collisions occur on one stretch of road, normally a speed camera is put up, so any more accidents can be uploaded to YouTube.

History of the speed limit[edit]

One of the first forerunners to current legislation was the Red Flag Act of 19-twentysomething. The act stated that light automotives must have a young boy running in front, waving a red flag, should other pedestrians prove too difficult a target.

The Speed limit as we know it was instituted by the labour government in 19-fortysomething, to make it easier for street urchins to throw sticks/stones/hand-grenades at the toffs. Bloody Communists.

To begin with, the speed limit in many (primary Scandinavian) countries, was in fact a minimum-speed, and not - as the average policeman thought - a maximum speed limit. This caused problems at the borders between countries, where the speed limit changed from maximum to minumim. Today the problem has been solved in almost all countries, except for Italy, who is the only European country still using minimum speed-limitations.

The Speed limit in various countries[edit]

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Country Speed limit
Britain 70mph, Less in towns and Cities
America 90mph, Less in towns and Cities
France 150kph (Damned metrics)
Canada 120kph (AAAAA)
Generic Country X0 mph
MoleTopia 20 mph in every direction except up. Never up.
Pimp City Cruisin' speed, dawg, so's you can check out the honeys.
Hell 666 mph
Nazi Germany Based on the JCF (Jews Crossing Factor).
Old People Galaxy 1mph, Less in towns and Cities
The Universe 300,000 Km/s. Policed by Bobbyons. Rife with physics jokes.
Australia 110 kph mate