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The bees who banned together to create the Spelling Bee.

The spelling bee is the most common event in the insect world. Although only bees are invited to this heart warming event, the ants manage to get invited. The Spelling Bee has been held ever since A Bug's Life movie ever came out. All the bees of the land were angry the didn't get to be in the movie(this was caused because humans think bees "stung" the crew and later that bee died. So they couldn't have a trail on weather or not the bee should go to jail.) So they decided they would ban together and start the Spelling Bee. No on is quite sure what goes on during the event, but they are certain bees do attend, along with the ants.

The Spelling Bee and the bug world[edit]

This caused a big epidemic for the bug life. Not only were the fellow buglings of antartica were in a pickle so were the squirrels. Ants have always been quiet little boogers, up until last noctober. Yes, sadly the ant colonies( yes there are exactly two colonies of ants since Tribe Pictomanic decided to spilt, coincedently a month and a half before the ants were allowed into the Spelling Bee) Because the bug world was so upset that only bees and ants could go they decided they needed to be in a pickel, so they said that the supply of food was lost,and blamed it on the spelling bee.

Squirrel Blues[edit]

Obese squirrels take food from the homeless. so evil!

From 1875 the squirrels have been in their blue period, the reason for this is because ever since they found out that the acorn was not a fruit, they became depressed. So when the upsetting news of the spelling bee hit town, the "cute", "cuddly" squirrels were outraged. (No one really knows why they were outraged.) So they decided to strike on the humans. So now, squirrels every where will step in YOUR path and chomp down on an acorn right in front of your very eyes. They also refuse to move so you have to go out of your way and go around them.

Humans and the strike of the squirrels[edit]

Humans are in fact oblivous to their strike. According to The Squirrel Time, they are going to take more action and live in our trees. Yes, you read that correctly, live in our trees! Well on account of humans being oblivious to their inhuman ways at least one creature is taking action. He goes by the name of cheese, you can catch him onFosters Home For Imaginary Friends, on cartoon network.

Suicides of the Beloved Chipmunks[edit]

the beloved chipmunk

Yes, as sad as it is chipmunks everywhere have been leaving their tiny holes in the ground to kill themselves. The only way they know how to do this is jump in a pool, they obviosly are hit the hardest when they were not given the ability to know how to swim. They say the reason behind all the chipmunk suicides is the one and only Spelling Bee. Marine biologists have come to believe that they are against the squirrel's strike against the humans and decided that the only way to get out of not strikng is to kill themselves.


Sprinky the demonic sprinkler attempted to take over the world today. Thankfully his attempts were thwarted by the two AMAZING and extremely spiffy superheroes, superhero queen sexy flower dot and superhero empress honeycomb of delight. When it was investigated the PoPO found that Sprinky had been spending a majority of his time at the Spelling Bees which seem to be the center of all this calamity. Sprinky was also caught up with the infamous gang know as the Tequilla Mockingbirds. the Tequilla Mockinbirds were charged with the death of charlie the one legged bum on the date of june 33 in the year of 20000033333. They are some baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad Mammajammas. The zoologists have also theorized that the chipmunk king got tangled up the Tequilla Mockingbirds and that, along with the squirrel strike, caused the string of suicidal chipmu there is also a theory in progress that chipmunks are ruthlessly being pushed into pools by the savage squirels because they are sad that they r not as cute and they desire world domination!