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"I'll be back... you take the front-butt"
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“Cum on me if you want to live”

“Dead or alive, you are cumming with me”

Malfunction, Horny as fuck, need input cock in something”

A Sperminator is a cybernetic sexually deprived organism orgasm-machine from the future that has been sent back in time to cum all over your face. Obviously being a sex-bot or fuck-droid, it will be no surprise to learn that these robots are designed and built in Japan. If you ever find yourself being stalked by one of these machines, your best bet is to let it rape you and fuck itself to death. Why you should do this is these machines run on power cells that will never sleep, never get tired and never stop hunting you down. Thats right, they are powered by Energizer batteries and just keep going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and...uhhhh ohhh yeahhhhh, fuck me harder, treat me like the little bitch I am.... cough, umm.. sorry.

Terminator.gifHistory Of The SperminatorsTerminator.gif[edit]

Professor Alpha Kenny-Wun of the University of Fok-Wok-Hong in Japan first came up with the concept of creating a sex-machine that could satisfy his bitch of a wife's sexual satisfaction. Because Alpha San was of oriental birthing, he wasn't big enough where it counts to satisfy his wife of 9 years. Because divorce doesn't exist in Japan yet, and it is illegal for Asians to have sex with anything human, Alpha san designed the first of many sex-bots. The first prototype, the "T-100-69-90210-007-C-3P0" was inspired from a stainless steal dildo and creative ideas from watching Transformers. It was also the very first sex toy to have a built in AM/FM radio with USB support with optional 4 gig or 8 gig of storage space.

Over the many years these sex-bots where being built by Alpha-San, his wife's sexual urges grew bigger and bigger so much that Alpha-San had to invent new technology just to keep the machines running. Alpha-San even tried making his wife a 4-stroke kick-start vibrator with extra ram speed, but it failed to satisfy his wife's need to cum every 10 seconds.

It was on Glen 20th, 2034 that he made a major breakthrough in scientific history, by designing the first ever life like robot that could satisfy a woman and never stop. By running the machine on Cold Fusion and Super Alkaline Batteries, he invented a machine that had a penis that seemed as realistic to a human beings dick as possible, but with a special regeneration device built into it that sucks up the female orgasm, while spitting back the same amount of lube, which would fuel the cold fusion device located in the exoskeletons left nut-sack. This meant that Alpha san had made the perfect fuck buddy for his wife, and women everywhere around the world.

Terminator.gifJudgmental DayTerminator.gif[edit]

On June Eleventeenth, 2035, every sexually active woman in the world owned the new iFuckBuddy, aka: Sperminator's, and soon women everywhere had no need for a man in there life. The only safe men were priests, faggots and children. Not even women wanted a real child anymore, seeing as how the sperm of a Sperminator contained low carb sperm from every major sperm bank of the world, and those who didn't want to go through labor followed in the footsteps of Madonna and Angelina Jolie by adopting the entire nation of Africa. Even then, once the children reached puberty, many were tossed into the wastelands of Detroit of the now woman dominated planet, except for a few shitty cities around the world where men could dwell in their own filth together. Mr. Alpha Kenny Wun was murdered by a mob of pissed off men's liberation extremists for designing a machine that would out-do men not just in the bedroom, but be programmed to also open jars and mow the lawns, not to mention iron, cook, clean, wash up and never act like a pig.

Terminator.gifRise Of The MenTerminator.gif[edit]

In 2031 the liberation of extreme men rose up from the shadows to fight back against the machines. Machine had taken over mens jobs everywhere and it was time for the male species to fight back. It took over a 1000 guys 3 years to contemplate a plan that might work, and took another 500 attempts to quit bitching at each other over who could do it better. But in the end the men finally got there own back and stormed the manufacturing plant of the machines and burned the place to the ground.

Unfortunately this only burned off the fake skin of the robots leaving them looking like Lindsey Lohan dressed in aluminum foil. The big war of 2031 began and many men lost there lives to a glowing red eyed machine that looked like Colista Flockheart with really bad PMS. The machines almost wiped out the entire male population left on Earth. Luckily by this point in history, time travel had been invented. So the guys sent a few good men back in time, to kill Alpha Kenny Wun San before he could design his evil male-replacements in the future.

They where sent back to various times in history. The first was to stop Alpha Kenny Wun Sans mother from ever conceiving him, the second was sent back to when Alpha was 12 years old, and the next when he was 19. Being that they sent these guys back during the same moment in there time, but yet to 3 different past times of history, it ended up causing a major paradox that destroyed the entire universe. But lucky for us the giggawatt was charged and sent one Sperminator back to 1977. His name is Ron Jeremy. Ron is now living in the present waiting to strike once Alpha is born in 2018.

The fate of all mankind lies in the hands of one man, so god be with you Super Ron. Our rightful savor and our only hope... unless Obi Wan Kan Blow Me is around.

Terminator.gifVarious MachinesTerminator.gif[edit]

The Original Walking Talking Dildo unit, T-100-C-3P0


The first design of the Sperminators. It was a stainless steal dildo that could transform into a clitoris munching midget that has a life span of 12 years. It also was compatible with Windows 7, and came with a 30 dollar voucher for iTunes.

Custom Options

  • Came in 7 colors.
  • Compact & easy to use
  • Was also a flash light


  • It had a gay voice & preferred men

The T-200-Ru0.5 that is the gayest Sperminator that comes in silver.


This model was considered a complete flop. It failed to satisfy women, always needed oiling and kept bursting into dances about how he didn't have a usb ram drive.


  • 12 Speed Vibrating Dildo Head
  • Could Open Jars and Chop Trees


  • Was Still Gay
  • It's Sperm Rusted

The Sperminator T-600-C2o2l2i2s2t2a F2lo4c6k7h6e7ar9t riding ontop of the T-600-2L3i4n5d6s7e8y L6o7h8a5n. These where the first ever Lesbots


This one had pretty bad breath and when naked looked like an anorexic heroin addict, but when skinned it looked a fuck of a lot like the 2017-2021 U.S President of the United States of America, and former Californian Governor, Mr. Rainier Wolfcastle.


This one was made of a gel that could mold itself to anything, it could be black, white, yellow, Barney the Dinosaur, and expand or retract it's cock making it a very popular and must have item for it's time of manufacturing.


Flaws where discovered that the T-1000's cock would melt and not be able to maintain an erection, so the next models design would incorporate both the endo skeleton hard body and the liquid metal of the T-1000 design to make the ultimate Sperminator. It could also make itself a woman and expand it's breasts in size, which made men think their time had cum, they all wanted one, but it was a hardcore dyke-bot.

T-300-Johnny-5 that was always begging for input, then we he got to, he short circuited, while spinning around like a fag


This one was pulled off the shelves before it was even released, it was not water resistant and ended up electrocuting users vagina's with 1.21 giggawatts of electricity. However it did do some good as the first person to test it was Paris Hilton and her cunt exploded in a joyfulness occasion as it was seen live on Youtube in 2021.


  • Exploded when inputting.
  • Disassembled Inside Vagina's
  • Was still showing signs of fagginess

The First Black Sperminator, the T-500-Cock-Long-Distance also knows as model R2DNigga Stole My Bike, Bitch


This was a vast improvement over previous designs, it looked much better, wasn't as noisy, and was twice the fun of previous models.


This was just the same as the previous design but came with interchangeable penis heads and it's sperm glowed in the dark. Pros

  • 19 Inch Black Dick
  • Could Fuck For 19 Hours Straight


  • Couldn't Swim.
  • Mugged Women after it Fucked Them.

T-800 OborPoc or known by its other name The Turbo Cock 800 with a built in dick inside each hand

T-800-OborPoc... aka Turbo Cock 800

This one was a really nice design, but it kept telling guys that "dead or alive, you are cumming with me" which was pretty gay for something supposed to be a womans only kind of droid.


Lets pretend this one never even existed... OK?

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