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This is what the Spoiler Monster looks like after it told an unsuspecting victim about the ending of a new movie.(Requesting new pic)

The Spoiler Monster, notorious for being the biggest spoiler (and possibly the origin of the "spoiler"), was once believed to be myth but has been proved to be real by the Myth Brushers (not to be confused with Myth Busters). The Spoiler Monster resembles Mr. Rodgers, it has red skin, yellow eyes, and an aura of spoilerness around it. Unfortunately, the monster is, in reality, just a normal human being and we are all a cult of mutants. AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGHHHHHH!!!!!!!! It feeds on poor souls that have had the ending or vital parts of certain media told to them.

The Spoiler Monster's Beginning[edit]

The Spoiler Monster was the love child of Padme Amidala and Anakin Skywalker. In its childhood it would always get in trouble in school, but when he got home he would blame it on the nonexistant Charles. Later in it's life it was thrown in jail for a murder it didn't commit, but was too simple to tell that Wild Bill Wharton truly did it. It nearly died of starvation for none of the souls there could be spoiled. After his brash friend Randal Patrick McMurphy was lobotomized, it was filled with the inspiration to escape through a painstakingly-made hole in his cell wall, which was covered the whole time by a Rita Hayworth poster. Dying from starvation, he decided to don a white rubber mask and began to feed on the souls of poor teenage dorks, including one who was actually his sister. After being stopped and fatally wounded by police, he was taken in by the only friend he had left, David Garrison, an innocent child with a heart disease, who told him that "we'll get well Spoiler Monster", and listened to a sentimental song by Michael Jackson. The child prevented its starvation by delivering bushels of easter eggs to its door step.


The Spoiler Monster has caused many wars, such as the Star "Was Anakin Truly Evil or just a victim of Fate?" Wars, Aliens vs. Predator, and the Was it all just a Dream? war. It has also been seen in movies, video games and mentioned in books, telling everyone how Stella got her groove back, why All Your Base are Belong to Us, or why Snape killed Dumbledore.


The Spoiler Monster has never been caught or trapped despite how infamous it has become. Chuck Norris might be able to, but since when does he do anything important to do? It was said that if they just ignore it and finish the movie/video game/book that it will loose interest and soon die of starvation, but everyone said that this was a load of BS. Instead they hired Scooby Doo and the Gang to do a drive-by, proven to be ineffective they started to burn bags of dog poo on it's doorstep. It soon ate their souls by telling them that every "monster" they'll ever catch will be just a guy in a mask.