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Spoodles are an object and anomaly, a spoon and a ladle combined. The actual form of a spoodle makes it absolutely useless (except for the couch potato) and can cause great disruptions in the space-time continuum. The spoodle is the rival of the Chopstick. As of currently, the Chopstick is overcoming the spoodle in the sport of Noodle grabbing.

Handling a Spoodle[edit]

Due to the harsh nature of the spoodle on the space-time continuum, one must own a wormhole-degenerator (also see: Star Trek). 10 layers of non-latex gloves must also be worn to disrupt the magnetic disruptions caused by the mixture of a spoon and ladle.

Cquote1.png Using latex gloves will create a bigger magnetic disruption that will destroy computers in a 100 mile radius. It's also a huge waste of latex, as you have to burn gloves used with spoodles 10 minutes after use or a nuclear explosion occurs Cquote2.png

Spoodling the world[edit]

The power of the spoodle is long and wide, even representing many political parties around the world. There is even an island of "Spoodle" on one of those many islands in northern Canada. Canada is currently at war with this island, but cannot get any ships north due to the cold.

On the island is Spoodle University, where one learns that there 'is no spoon' and that the Spoodle is the wave of the future.