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Stafford is a town which lies in the West Midlands of Little Britain. It is the county town of Staffordshire, a county which, on one hand, likes to think it is Shropshire, with its nice Peak district, but on the other hand, it likes to think it is the West Midlands county, with its cosmopolitan towns and cities.


Stafford came about when London and the South East broke off to become its own nation, with LEMON SHERBERT!!!!!which was inevitable because of the ignorance of its population. Queenie ordered an infiltration into its Motherland, now called Little Britain, to try and spread the London ignorance. A huge fifty-story aeroplane full of posh-speaking, stiff upper-lipped Londoners and Home Countians was sent to the Midlands area and were dropped in a random location. This location was somewhere between Cannock and Stoke-on-Trent. With them, they brought nice cobblestone streets and old fashioned black painted lamp posts, to remind them of London. They were unable to fit any Routemaster buses on the aeroplane.


Many people have lived in Stafford over the years believe it or not. Some of these include: - Me, - You, - Ozzy Ozbourne - Me again