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“You know what? I learned something today.”

~ Stan Marsh on Learning something today

“Dude, this is pretty F***** up right here.”

~ Stan Marsh on South Park
Stan Marsh. lets look at him... AAARGH!!! MY EYES!!! IT BURNS!!!

Stan "The Man" Marsh is the protagonist of the animated series South Park. He's a real womanizer, and his favorite hobbies include beating off dogs, throwing up on people's faces, and recreational hunting.

He wears a cute-looking hat, that makes him look like a God. And when he takes it off, he looks like an emo. By the way, Stan was an emo in one episode, so he's pretty much seen it all.

Note that he is voiced by one of the producers of the show, Trey Parker. Usually, when people read Wikipedia's articles on how the characters are voiced by grown ups, they pretty much laugh their asses off.


Stan was born in Hell's Pass Hospital in backwoods Colorado on October 19, 1992. Because his parents were formerly hippies, he was so doped from all that LSD that they took. In fact, they had to use a vaccum cleaner to force him out of his mother's vagina. Records show that Stan befriended Kyle Broflovski since they were youngsters, and the two have had a strong friendship ever since. in a time between 1997-2001 pepole said he lost virginity with Wendy Testaburger, his girlfriend.

Anyways. Stan is awesome, because he's the only normal kid in their group.


Stan is the son of Randy Marsh, a (former) geologist, and Sharon Marsh, who is f****** hot. He is often bitch-slapped by his abusive older sister, Shelley, who beats the shit out of him all the time. Stan has often been asked by his suicidal grandpa to assist in euthanasia. As for why that old man is not in counseling, I don't know what's gotten into him.