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Star Fleet is the military sub-division of NASA, first established in 1961 by Commander Adam Nebula MC VC DSO DFC.


Seeing the threats from Mars and other worlds, it was decided that NASA would require a military arm and a military leg to deal with any threats to the Earth. The US Congress ruled that a military leg was too expensive, as was a military nose and a military jock strap, so the military arm was later formed as Star Fleet.


Star Fleet is operational on countless planets in the Galaxy, including Earth, Qwertyuiopia and Saturn, but their main HQ is a vast space station named Star Command, which is in orbit of Earth.

Using E-Mails and pulsar-beams to strengthen links between Videophones, Star Command gives orders to the sub-stations on the varying planets, who in turn pass the commands to the fleet of spaceships at their disposal. There are also several relay-stations situated at significant points to help strengthen communications, although these are completely automated and situated on neutral worlds who are being paid handsomely by NASA.

Earth's Starfleet prepares to invade Alpha Centauri


The main mission of Star Fleet was originally to protect Earth against attacks, but has recently grown into an aggressive fighting force deliberately destroying any forces influenced by Mars or directly associated with Mars, and installing a Democracy over those who have been defeated. As such, Star Fleet has been likened by Adolf Hitler as:

"The next generation of Team America and ancestors of the Democratic pigs of Athens."

Examples of defeated planets include Pluto, Venus and Mercury, whilst the only acception is the pacifisty Qwertyuiopia.

Notable Astronauts[edit]

  • Commander Nebula - Founder and Chief of Staff. Has one leg and a really big moustache
  • Buzz Lightyear - Leader of the Qwertyuiopia Expedition
  • Princess Mira Nova - Ambassador for planet Tangea
  • Ranger Booster Munchapper - Could use a few hours in the gym, from planet Jo'Ad
  • XR - eXperimental Ranger, a robot
  • Ranger Ty Parsec - A Werewolf from Earth
  • Ranger Rocket Crockett - A poser

Planets under Star Fleet jurisdiction[edit]