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“Did he write a Bible”

~ Tamia

Steven Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Guttenberg (born August 7th, 1958) is a Swedish movie star, metal-worker, and inventor. He achieved fame for his invention of the Etch-a-sketch printer, which allowed untalented authors to publish their work to a limited but cranky audience at minimal cost. This invention allowed for a massive increase in the volume of available information, and an equally-massive decrease in the useful content of that information.

To demonstrate the power of his Etch-a-sketch printer, Guttenberg published millions of copies of his masterwork, Three men and a Bible. Initial book sales were poor, but they improved when the title was shortened to the Bible. A movie version was later commissioned by Pope Malcolm X, who was so appalled by the saccharine plot line that he ordered all mentions of the Bible removed from the movie, to be replaced by a baby. The baby subsequently won an Academy Award for her performance.