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Storm is a mentally, physically and spritually disordered woman. she is actually a nun but because she was caught on camera wearing a mini skirt and not wearing any panties, god punished her by shooting a laser beam at her. just then her lover wolverine who is actually a priest of the same church blocked her and he was killed instanly by the laser beam. sadly though some of the laser shot storm's hair and it became white. thus her white hair. she swore to take revenge on god and many a times, jet-packed up to heaven to attempt to destroy it but was shot all over by the heavenly guards using lightning. as she absorbed the lightning she had lightning powers and thus became a super hero. she join the group of weirdos and freeko known as the "axe-men" and they all have tatoos of an axe at their bottoms. storm found that being a super hero was boring and so she retired from it after 3 days and became a soloist for the er hu. she mastered the er hu skills and topped up wif her lightning, she became invisible. do now she roams earth shooting ppl wif lightning and playing her "beautiful" er hu music to scare ppl to death. shes a real hero!!!